Hermes Frontend and Consumers use Dropwizard Metrics library to gather and publish metrics to Metric Store.

If you would like to preview or debug metrics, set metrics.console.reporter to true, so they will be printed to stdout.


By default Hermes includes Graphite reporter, which can be configured using following options:

Option Description Default value
metrics.graphite.reporter enable Graphite reporter false Graphite host localhost
graphite.port Graphite port 2003
graphite.prefix prefix for all metrics
report.period how often to report metrics in seconds 20

In order to be able to access basic metrics via Management API, it needs to be configured to reach Graphite API:

Option Description Default value
metrics.graphiteHttpUri URI to Graphite HTTP API http://localhost:80
metrics.prefix prefix for all metrics


You can register any custom reporter that is compatible with Dropwizard MetricRegistry.

For the Consumers and Frontend modules register the reporter as a bean, for example:

public class CustomHermesConsumersConfiguration {

    public MetricRegistry myMetricRegistry(MetricRegistry metricRegistry) {
        return new MyMetricsReporter(metricRegistry);