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Publishing buffer persistence

Hermes Frontend API has option to register callbacks triggered during different phases of message lifetime:

  • BrokerAcknowledgedListener: message has been acknowledged by broker, can be considered as persisted
  • BrokerTimeoutListener: broker did not save message in time, it is now stored in memory buffer and retried until successful
  • BrokerErrorListener: there was some kind of error (e.g. no connection to broker) when trying to send message to broker

ChronicleMap implementation

Default implementation uses OpenHFT ChronicleMap to persist unsent messages to disk. Map structure is continuously persisted to disk, as it is stored in offheap memory as memory mapped file.

When Hermes Frontend starts up it scans filesystem in search of existing persisted map. If found, it is read and any persisted events are sent to Message Store. This way recovering after crash is fully automatic. If Hermes process or server crashes, nothing is lost.

There is additional protection against flooding subscribers with outdated events. When reading events from persisted storage, Hermes filters out messages older than N hours, where N is a system parameter and is set to 3 days by default. This might be useful when reviving Frontend nodes that have been down for a longer period of time.

Option Description Default value enable persistent buffer false ignore messages in buffer that are older than N hours 72h location of memory mapped files /tmp/

Buffer files

Buffer is persisted into hermes-buffer.dat file in storage directory. On startup, if previous persistence file exists, it is renamed to hermes-buffer-<timestamp>.dat. This is a temporary file, deleted after all messages are read and sent to Kafka.

Custom implementation

To register custom callbacks register the implementations as beans:

class MyCustomBrokerListener implements BrokerAcknowledgedListener,
        BrokerErrorListener {

    public void onAcknowledge(Message message, Topic topic) {
        /* ... */

    public void onTimeout(Message message, Topic topic) {
        /* ... */

    public void onError(Message message, Topic topic, Exception ex) {
        /* ... */
public class CustomHermesFrontendConfiguration {

    public BrokerListeners myBrokerListeners() {
        BrokerListener customBrokerListener = new MyCustomBrokerListener();
        BrokerListeners brokerListeners = new BrokerListeners();


        return brokerListeners;