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Hermes Console

Hermes Console is served by Hermes Management and can be configured via application property files under console property.

If you want to see console default config then take a look on application-local.yaml file.

Option Description
console.title what to display in left upper corner, next to Hermes logo
dashboard.metrics link to metrics dashboard, available on Console home page link to documentation, available on Console home page

Metric Store integration

Hermes Console can be integrated with Metric Store. This means, that metrics shown in Console can link to actual graphs plotted by Metric Store. At the moment only Graphite is supported.

Option Description
metrics.type type of metrics storage to link to (currently only graphite is supported)
metrics.graphite.url URL to graphite
metrics.graphite.prefix prefix to graphite metrics


Hermes Console supports two types of authorization, which can be enabled at the same time (OAuth > headers):

  • OAuth2, using hellojs - it allows on logging in and each request going to Management will contain the Authorization header with the token
  • header-based - this is the simple method, if passing tokens/passwords around is okay

Note none of above mentioned authorization methods are available in Management out of the box at the moment, you need to provide the implementation.

Option Description
auth.oauth.enabled enable OAuth support
auth.oauth.url url to OAuth authorization endpoint
auth.oauth.clientId OAuth client id
auth.oauth.scope assigned scope
auth.headers.enabled enable simple authorization support
auth.headers.adminHeader name of header to bear admin password

Topic configuration

Option Description
topic.messagePreviewEnabled show message preview tab on topic view; enable only if message preview is enabled in Frontend
topic.offlineClientsEnabled show offline clients section on topic view
topic.offlineClientsIframeSource source for an inline iframe with view for offline clients

Subscription configuration

Option Description
subscription.endpointAddressResolverMetadata extend subscription address resolver configuration with specified metadata fields


"subscription": {
    "endpointAddressResolverMetadata": {
        "exampleEntryEnabled": {
            "title": "Example boolean entry",
            "type": "boolean"
        "exampleTextEntry": {
            "title": "Example text entry",
            "type": "text",
            "placeholder": "You should write something here",
            "hint": "This should help somehow..."
        "exampleSelectEntry": {
            "title": "Example select entry",
            "type": "select",
            "options": {
                "": "<clear>",
                "a": "An option",
                "b": "Another option"

This will add 3 additional fields to subscription configuration, all optional.

Owners configuration

Option Description
owner.sources a list of owner sources customizations


"owner": {
    "sources": [
        {"name": "Plaintext", "placeholder": "this will display as placeholder in the owner input"}